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Here is the list of our local waterfalls, sometimes well hidden but just as impressive as the other.

* We recommend going there at the beginning of the week for more peace of mind with less people .

Click on each title to get the itinerary!


Private waterfall with two pools to cool off. Very intimate. You have the option to book a horseback excursion where there is a scheduled stop at this waterfall.

Superb waterfall with a pool deep enough for swimming. The fall is impressive with one rock stuck between the two rocks. Go there during the week for more privacy.


Beautiful waterfall with two basins. One basin from which you can admire the waterfall and the other with a footbridge to jump.

4 km of walk, arrived there, it is worth it, very beautiful waterfalls, the one at the bottom in particular, allows to bathe (and to find a little freshness), and to jump rocks for the more reckless.

Possibility to book a pick up or horseback riding.

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